Over years of business DCS has uncovered many useful programs. This page lists a those
programs that have proved useful in our experience.

It is important to note, that although most of  these programs are free for personal use, different terms of
use do apply to each of  these programs. Users should read these terms of use before downloading or installing
the individual programs.

Some of the most important programs to have on your computer are security programs.

Anit-virus software:-

    AVG Free Anti-virus - AVG are PC security specialists, we recommend their free offering over Norton
          or McAfee because it is installed and run locally i.e. on the computers hard drive, with update available
          via internet access or pre-downloaded updates stored on a disk. Can be downloaded from,

    Avast Anti-virus - A free alternative to AVG, installed and run locally . This program it is installed and run
          locally. It can be downloaded from, http://www.avast.com

     Comodo Internet Security - A complete internet security package including firewall and anti-malware
         Capibilities. This software will ask for user input when new programs are run. Simply read the messages
         And follow any on screen and most users will be safe. It can be Downloaded from;

Spyware detection and removal :-

    Malwarebytes - Free for personal use with a subscription version also available. Can be downloaded from,

    Spybot: Search & Destroy - published by safer networks free for personal use. Can be downloaded from,

Utility programs:-

    Comodo Firewall:- Firewall software for those who already have anti-virus and anti-malware software but
         want additional security, beyond the preconfigured firewall of windows, without the need to install an
         internet security suit. Can be downloaded from; http://www.comodo.com and clicking the “Comodo
         Firewall” link in the “Free Comodo Downloads” Box

    CutePDF:- A program that allows the user to create PDF documents, handy for sending documents in a
          universal format. Can be downloaded from, http://www.cutepdf.com/products/cutepdf/writer.asp

    Defraggler:- A program for rearranging files to allow them to be stored in a single block thus speeding up
          the access rate and overall speed of the system. Can be downloaded from,

    7zip: an archiving and compression program. Allows for multiple files to be “bundled” into on file and, if
         correctly configured can reduce the total size. Can be downloaded from,